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Down Syndrome Support Brochure

NFP Friendly Residency Database (xls)


Parish Bulletin Inserts (word)          Parish Bulletin Inserts (pdf)


     Abortion                                                                                        Abortion


     Contraception                                                                             Contraception

     Homosexuality                                                                            Homosexuality

Problems Associated with Hormonal Contraception Brochure (pdf)

Spiritual Resources for Priests (pdf)


Spitual Resources for Patients (pdf)



Potion or Poison, Medical Alternatives to the Pill (pdf of a power point presentation)

Evidenced-Based Ethics - This is a series of slide presentations that examines the scientific evidence supporting the Catholic Church's ethical teachings in various medically relevant areas.  Feel free to use these as an education tool for your organization or at your parish.


Press Release

Philadelphia CMA Press Release on Gender Identity Disorder


Scientific Publications

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